Sunday, 3 May 2015

Two Birds in Cage

Many years ago I was a  Cub Scout, I belonged to the 1st Winlaton pack for a few years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately I never took it any further, unlike my (much) older brother who reached the heady heights of Venture Scouts and seemed to be permanently involved in some sort of epic adventure (I'm sure he remembers it differently). I let my interest wane and through a combination of moving house and sheer, bloody laziness I stopped going. I never even made Sixer.

Now at the age of 39 I'm happy to say that, for about the last 5 years, I've been involved in Scouting again. First as a parent helper with Beavers, then as a Sectional Assistant.

I've even got a Woggle.

Kay and Jo, looking quite sane...for now.
I help out as much as work allows and find it very rewarding. I've had great fun introducing the kids to activities like climbing and hiking. I've also made great friends of the other leaders. All the leaders are amazing people, they give their time freely and with no financial recompense to teach your children skills that will last them a lifetime.

Two of these awesome people are ladies called Kay and Jo, they have been the Beaver Section leaders of my local Scout group, 1st Lingfield and Dormansland, for over ten years.
Both my bairns and those of many of my friends have benefited from their leadership and the great start they've been given in their Scouting lives by this pair of superstars. Now the ladies are embarking on a bit of an adventure, let me explain.

In the middle of our village there sits the village jail, known to all as The Cage. Now this isn't the plush, modern super jail that TV would have us believe exists, this was built in 1771 to house poachers and drunks and its as cold and dark as the deepest recesses of Cthulhu's mind. It's also rumoured to be haunted and infested with all kinds of nasty creepy crawly.
The Cage...into what antediluvian depths do the roots of that tree delve?

What, I hear you say has this to do with Jo and Kay? Well, at 6pm on the 22nd of May they're going to lock themselves in the Cage for 24 hours (or as long as their sanity lasts....queue evil laughter...). They're embarking upon this descent into ancient creepiness to raise much needed funds for the Scout group. So please, pop along to their 'mydonate' page, Two Birds in a Cage, and give what you can.

They'd love it if you popped along to Facebook and liked their page as well.

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